Mount St.Elias

“We had snow conditions that ranged from extremely soft to as hard as rock. That‘s when you need an all-rounder. The Watea was simply made for this…“
Axel Naglich

“Mount St. Elias“ is a very honest film – captivating and full of emotions. This saw Fischer breaking new ground, despite it being a familiar environment. A journey characterised by its individuality and one that is completely in line with Fischer‘s goals. Thanks to the new challenge facing Fischer in their support of this project, the famous producer of sporting goods was also taken in by the sheer euphoria of freeride.
„Mount St. Elias“ has taken on huge proportions, presenting Fischer with a task to be accomplished together with Axel Naglich. Our specialist and leading figure when it comes to adventures deserves a word of thanks for also being involved in our developments in the freeride sector. The bar had been raised high for us: a project that had never been realised before and life-threatening conditions. Our job was to develop the ideal ski for these conditions. For snow and ice, from soft to hard and for the steepest slopes imaginable. In short: capable of taking on the longest ski descent in the world. The „Watea“ was the result of a close working relationship with a perfectionist who is only satisfied with the very best - virtually the impossible!